Our Story

Since 1983, members of the Order of Malta have hosted the annual Maltacamp in a different country every year. Over 500 young people aged between 18 and 35, come together from around the world, including guests living with various disabilities and volunteer carers. They live together, befriend one another and share exceptional experiences. Over one week in the summer, we offer guests a packed program of diverse activities, workshops and experiences. Recent camps have been held in France, Poland, Austria and Great Britain. Guests have had the opportunity to kayak, horseride, fly in light aircraft, scuba drive and try indoor skydiving. Guests receive 24-hour care from volunteer helpers of the same age; resulting in lifelong friendships.

Once in a lifetime experiences

We aim to break down barriers of what can be achieved by people with disabilities. Whether it is indoor skydiving, visiting Amsterdam’s canals, or staying up until 3 am at the disco; we overturn the conventions that say how young people with disabilities are expected to achieve and experience.

Run by young people for young people

Guests, helpers and staff are all aged between 18 and 35. This means it’s easy to: build friendships, put on the most appropriate events and activities, develop the skills of all involved, and know how to have fun.

Charism and spirituality

The Order of Malta is a religious order that lives his double charism of defence of the faith and service to the people in need. Faith and fraternal charity are the key aspect of IHC. Through the mass and moments of reflection linked to the spiritual theme of the camp we propose to our guests and helpers an occasion to pray and reflect.


Guests and helpers come from over 20 different countries. Friendships are forged across language and cultural barriers. Activities provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the different cultures and traditions of those in attendance. These friendships translate into a global network of young people working on or living with disabilities.

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The Italian National Maltacamps (CEI)

The Italian young volunteers of the Order of Malta in 2012, after our last International Maltacamp in Lignano Sabbiadoro, decided to reproduce the experience of the Maltacamp also nationally, every year since then they have organized the CEI for over 140 people in collaboration with the other divisions of the Order of Malta.

“This is what makes the difference: our emotions. In the city, at home, at the sea, at the mountains, we usually forget about us and our values that worth to fight for, but when you get in a place like the camp, with people like this, every thought manages to fly away and, as in a magic trick, every grey cloud created by our mind, every heavyweight we are carrying on, every weakness… PUFF! Disappears!

And if this is not a miracle, please, tell me what is it.”

Simona Tucci – Guest

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