How to help us?

You can help us through a bank transfer to:

IBAN code: IT33I0503403298000000021838

Oltre la serratura Festival

All along this year the volunteers of the Order of Malta have organized a classical music Festival in an unique location: the Villa Magistrale of the Order of Malta, in Rome. You can’t miss it! The performances of some of the most important musicians in Italy will be all along 2020. The all revenue of this incredible Festival will support the Maltacamp 2020. What are you waiting for? Click to discover the program and buy your ticket!

Art exposition "Cento Pittori Via Margutta"

In the days of the art exhibition“Cento Pittori Via Margutta”, which will take place in Piazza Testaccio from March 27 to 29, volunteers of CISOM Group of Rome will be engaged in fundraising in support of the Project of the Order of Malta’s International Summer Camp 2020.

Maltacamp 2020 Amazon Wedding List

As a tradition of the last Maltacamps we created the Amazon Wedding List where we will update all the stuff we may need during this year and during the camp! Do you want to help us giving a gift the Maltacamp will surely need? This is perfect option, check it out!

Become a sponsor

Are you a brand or just a person who wants to make an important impact on the fundraising of the Maltacamp 2020? For the up 5.000 euro sponsorships you will have in return:

  • Personalized report of the activities at the end of the camp, included photos and videos
  • Invitation to come to visit us during a day to see your sponsorship impact
  • Visibility on sponsored materials
  • Camp T-shirts with “sponsor” print

Get in contat with us at:

Become a donor

Get in contat with us at:

Did you know there are a lot of ways you can contribute to the camp fundraising? Every donations is helpful, that is why we established some fares that can make you realize how important your donations can be.

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