The International Maltacamp

The International Maltacamp of the Order of Malta is something unique: young volunteers spend a week of holidays with physically and mentally impaired friends from around 20 countries in the world. The volunteers support, help and care for the young handicapped. Together, they experience extraordinary activities like rock climbing, lunging, partying and paragliding.

July 30 - August 6, 2022

The location

The camp will take place around Viterbo and the city of Rome. This great structure thanks to the many indoor spaces and the vast green areas is perfect to accommodate many people with different needs thanks to wheelchair access, ramps and areas such as tent structure, perfect for games and workshops but also for the masses all together.

We couldn’t find a better campsite option for Maltacamp 2022


Camp Leaders

Sofia Pinto Folicaldi and Gianluca Coco are the two main responsible for the Maltacamp. Both of them are really active and positive people, with a lot of common experiences at International and National Maltacamps.
A 24h available and unstoppable creative designer and untiring and funny business consultant seem to be the perfect mix to leader up this awesome camp.

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Lorenza Liguori and Gabriella Vivarelli von Lobstein are the two organizers of the general planning of the camp. You have a question? They will have the answer!
Two amazing girls from the beautiful city of Naples, with a lot of experience in the national Maltacamps and at their first at the international one, they really can't wait to give you all the help possible.

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Federica Silli Bentivoglio is the main coordinators of the camp communication. Do you want information about our social media? She will be there to answer. She has a long experience in the National Maltacamps and she works in the marketing and visual communication world. She'll be happy to keep everybody updated and entertained!!

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Michele Spanò is the main responsible for the camp's infrastructure and logistic placement. If you need anything that concerns how things are located on the campsite, he's the one! He has participated in many National camps and, last but not least, he is a funny, helpful and practical guy!

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Maria Teresa Tavassi and Victoria Sacchi Nemours are the ones in charge of the internal activities, while Clotilde Candelo and Edoardo La Rosa of the external ones. You have a question about what is going to happen at the camp? They will have the answer! They are National Maltacamps experts, with a lot of knowledge in this field: they are used to organizing events, trips, and games for numerous people. Furthermore, their efficient and charismatic personalities are the right fit for this job.

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Antonio Fumo Franco is the main responsible for the financial part of the camp organization. He is a friendly person and loves making jokes and pranks (watch your back, you can be his next target 🙂 ), but when it comes to serious stuff you can surely count on him. He has participated in many National camps, and it will be its first experience in the International one.
If you have an issue about finance, he will be completely available to answer you!

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Francesco Agostini is in charge of the medical assistance during all Maltacamp. He is not only the best doctor you could ever ask for, but also a funny and pragmatic guy who would never say no if you want to have fun with him. Francesco and his team will make sure we will be all safe and healthy all camp long. You have a health issue? He is the one for you!

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Andrea Zuanetti is the main responsible for the transports. Do you need to know something about how are we going to move around Rome? He is the one! He is an organized and pragmatic guy, who likes to deal with complex situations and help whenever he can with the best solution for your need and with a smile on his face.

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Barbara Pinto Folicaldi is the head of the fundraising for this International Maltacamp. If you would like to talk about donations or other ways to help us, please feel free to contact her! She has an extraordinary experience in both the International and National Maltacamps, and, despite the long time she has spent in this field, she is not done being resourceful and overall a key member of the staff. Her energy and hard work are the pivotal elements for the camp's needs.

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